We are Compunnel

Compunnel Inc. has been dedicated for over 20 years to the helping of our partners and clients get the most out of the latest in technology.

Founded in 1994, Compunnel has since grown to become a global leader in multiple venues including IT Consulting and Staffing, and Customer Business Development for medium to enterprise level business clients, as well as an eLearning Divison.

We are a minority held organization, headquartered in New Jersey, we have offices across the globe, with locations in the UK and other parts of Europe, as well as a state-of-the-art development facilities in India, providing our clients with a talent pool of IT-skilled manpower and subject matter experts.

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Employees today are looking for organizations where they can find and bring value.

They expect an environment where their potential can be recognized, and their voices will be heard.

Compunnel strives to foster that attitude in all that we do. We believe in accessibility to all within our organization, providing a progressive workforce with systems that support innovation and collaboration. It's never a dull moment, and the greatest of talent within this industry naturally gravitate in our direction.

For our global organization, diversity is not a word it is a reality, with over 20 years of experience, we know how to effectively cultivate relationships across oceans and time zones. We are always looking for digital technologies that will bring those who are far apart closer together, knowing that cultural perspective is not a barrier it is an opportunity to develop a better-rounded, person-centered, organization.

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We are DiverseSocial Diversity

We believe every individual and every cultural group is unique

in their own way. The togetherness and inclusiveness of every member, both internal and external to our organization, are vital in achieving our business goals. Our workforce is diversified with experts from every part of the society, making it a family closely associated inherently in every step of our progressive growth. We follow a similar engagement with our suppliers when we subcontract our hiring requirements without any discrimination. We work with minority organizations, businesses run by women, veterans and other disadvantaged groups in the society giving everyone an equal opportunity. Our contribution to the development of a fair society makes us one of the diversified suppliers among many others in the business. We move forward together as a family and strive hard to achieve equality and inclusiveness in every step of our business. We continue doing it throughout our path breaking journey. .

Awards & Recognition

We are the proud recipients of several awards and felicitations


No matter what team you are working with, or what need you have, when you work with Compunnel, you will quickly realize that we have only one goal.

The success of our customers. Our global workforce primary directive is to find ways our services can help our clients through, improved efficiency in speed to market, efficient provisioning and easily measured cost savings.

Our mission is to help organizations find the right talent for the right projects and improve how they use data and processes to improve business results. Compunnel is a preferred solutions provider to more than 1,000 organizations, including 25% of the Fortune 500 companies. Continual innovation of processes and practices allows us to deliver exceptional results for our clients across many industries, including technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, publishing, financial, insurance, transportation and more.

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