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Sourcing 101- Manage
Costs and Boost

Bottom Line with Contingent Workforce

Let’s Go Beyond THE GOALS!

There has been a paradigm shift in the way organizations look to their workforce. There is the increased stress of working with tight budgets while effectively meeting the objectives of their business strategy. We can help to assemble the most important piece, the skilled talent.

While there are many who would claim to do just that, we go a few notches higher. Our comprehensive client specific project roadmaps develop effective initiatives focused on reducing employee turnover costs, identifying available opportunities for discounts, leveraging technology from Requisition-to-hire, plugging productivity gaps and defining milestones to achieve tangible results.

We know what you are thinking. Everyone claims to do that. Let us tell you how!


How We Help You Save?

  • Sourcing through a vast Mobile Network:

    62% or Fortune 1000 organizations agree that referrals are the best way to source resources. We decided to expand our horizon and create a massive online community for referrals. Realizing where most of the skilled workforce interacts, we created the first open referral network, iEndorseU which crowdsources referrals for open positions. Anybody using iEndorseU can refer anybody who they think are a good fit for the job. Once we receive a candidature, our in-house recruitment teams pick up and continues further vetting. What’s in it for iEndorseU members? We pay them for finding us qualified people.

    How does it translate into Cost Savings for you? Since we crowd staff for open requisitions, we save a lot on recruitment costs and we pass on that advantage to our clients. Obviously! Talk to us to know more about iEndorseU and how we use to drive costs down.

    Not convinced? Our Analytics team drives operational decisions by staying on top of data. They help us identify best locations to invest in for campaigns resulting in hiring talent for niche skills at competitive pay rates. We improve recruiter productivity, analyze the quality of talent and provide accurate candidate ranking that leads to matching the right talent to the right job offering.

    You Save on Training Costs

    Since all our candidates are pre-screened, organizations save on hefty training costs. Our subject matter experts make sure that you receive the best talent, so you need not worry about training these resources.

  • Rates Benchmarked Against the Latest Market Trends

    Our rates are constantly benchmarked against the latest market trends ensuring that none of our clients are charged a penny extra. We believe in transparency, that is why we always inform our clients on the market rates beforehand e.g. we tell you the cost of hiring a SAP specialist for a temporary project, so that you are never kept in the dark and are never fooled by anyone.

    We haven’t even talked About the Loyalty Discounts yet!

    Compunnel cares about you. We know your business has not come our way easily and we would not let it go. Period. Let’s talk about some of the discounts we offer:

    • Tenure Discounts which increase with every year we do business with you
    • Volume Discounts. The more you hire, the better it gets!
    • Reduced Temp-To-Hire fee
    • Payroll with Reduced Markups
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