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There is one question our prospective clients ask. It's a question that motivates us to push harder and never get complacent with our success. What is that question we are most confident to answer?

How are you guys different?

Here's our answer. With our robust processes, loyal customer base and obsessive need for attention to detail, we run our business as well-oiled machine.

But what about creating a cutting edge, or "the better machine"? We embrace change, we look for disruption and we adapt. We know if we don't, someone else will.


Our Technology Cuts Across Location and Skills Barrier...

We know that Innovation is key. Our latest innovation? iEndoresU...

  • iEndorseU - Innovating with Crowd-Sourcing

    Compunnel is one of the first companies to develop a crowd-sourcing platform we call iEndorseU. iEndorseU taps into the power of people to find you the right candidate in the shortest amount of time. So whether you have difficulty in sourcing niche skilled candidates, or are facing a talent crunch for a particular geographical area, iEndorseU will come to your rescue.

    What Does iEndorseu Do?

    iEndorseU is a recruiting platform that is available on all digital platforms. Designed to overcome common barriers of location and skills shortage problems, we believe that iEndorseU is the future of recruiting. People can easily refer their friends and colleagues for jobs on this platform, and in turn get paid when any the individuals referred are hired.

    The platform increases our talent outreach, it is cost-effective and beneficial for all parties involved – Job Seeker, Employer, and the Staffing Agency. While the referrer gets handsomely paid, the employers and staffing agencies get the best talent in the shortest time.

    Benefits iEndorseU Brings to Your Business:

    • All candidates who come from endorsements the talent pool are of a high quality. Delivering on the most important quality for every one of our client.
    • With more than 45,000 job seekers already already that are not available on any other portal, iEndorseU has a huge talent pool that makes it easy to source local talent from different locations.
    • Its cost effective and fast too – Reducing on average costs by a margin of 7.5% for full time placements, something that can be replicated for temp positions.
  • Staffline - Process Innovation that drives Results

    Our proprietary Software, Staffline makes sure our entire recruitment cycle stays paperless. It automates recruiting and sales functions helping us to stay nimble and competitive. This tool combined with our extensive databases of skilled individuals, guided application questionnaires, and automated recommendation systems make it easier to for us to quickly narrow the list of candidates down.

    We know our candidates, recruiters and clients all expect a fast, easy application process.  Using Staffline shortens the process turnaround time to less than 24 hours.

    Our Process Automation Objectives Stand on 5 Pillars:

    • Consistency across mediums
    • Less Manpower
    • Accountable and Easy to track
    • Flexibility
    • Recruiting Intelligence on our fingertips
  • Analytics- Finding that Elusive Needle in the Haystack

    While we value historical metrics, we expect to see real-time and predictive metrics dominate. It takes a special team to make sense and transform all the information from social media, job boards, application history and our own bench into actionable insights. We are to have that team!

    Our People analytics group contributes to:

    • Recruitment Marketing
    • Planning and Making Interviews Better
    • Filtering Great Talent and Identifying Outliers
    • Meeting Overall Talent Supply Chain Goals
    • Tune-on Boarding Processes
    • And Most Importantly, Accessing Passive Candidates

    Based on these insights, we work towards identifying the trends that will shape the staffing and recruiting landscape of an Industry or a Geographical Region. We don’t keep these insights to ourselves, we share these insights with our clients, helping their HR game on point!

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