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In everything we do, we make sure you are working with the best!

Compunnel exists TO MAKE SURE

Or clients, big and small, never have to compromise on they are hiring. We start with building a strong bond with highly skilled professionals, understanding their priorities, vetting them and then recruiting them for roles that fit their skills the best. There is a whole lot of vetted talent that’s up for hire! But that’s not it, we evolve at the speed of technology and add to our repertoire continuously.

Hooked? Let’s talk about how we do it!

We are plugged into businesses. That’s where we learn from and that’s exactly where we pick up our recruitment experts from. Our 5 step evaluation utilizes industry specific recruitment experts and Subject Matter Experts who have been there and done that, for years.


  • The 5 Step Process To Quantify The Quality of a Hire

    We believe an individual’s skills can be measured. We have put in a lot of hours over the years refining process, considering the industry, field, level of expertise, fit and potential. Our assessment methodologies tightly integrate with our clients’ needs and we present our resources in neat, exacting analyzed form!

    • Screening by Recruiters who are techies themselves
    • Industry Specific Online Evaluations by our Vertical Heads. We know Oil & Gas doesn’t mix with Banking!
    • A Subject Matter Expert who interviews individuals on Phone and Skype, sometimes in-person, if required.
    • Online Personality/Leadership assessment to highlight behavioral traits.
    • Creating a QPV- Quick Profile View, that highlights skill matrix, experience, reference check, online assessment report and SME feedback, on a single page
  • There’s More… World Class Training for our Resources

    Our subsidiary InfoPro Learning has been a major player in E-Learning, IT Training, HR Consulting and Gamified content space for the past 2 decades. We know nurturing talent is a never ending process and we leverage InfoPro Learning’s Best in Class training ecosystem to make sure our resources stay ahead of the herd and deliver on the most stringent on Quality norms.

    We’ll let the numbers speak for us:

    Key Parameters Industry Average Compunnel
    Online Assessment to Fill Ratio 82% 82%
    Average Revenue Per W2 Growth ( Last 1 year) 78% 31%
    Project Completion 40% 98%
    Full Time Conversion 8 to 9 Days 20%
    Redeployment Rate   14%
    Assignment Attrition Rate   <2%
    Average Overtime per Employee   <0.5 Hours
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