What Makes
Us Different

It begins with our people:


It begins with our people

To find great people, we need great people. We have a strong team of expert recruiters in any industry you name. They are equipped with technical acumen and industry expertise to tap the right potential.


We don't say we are lightning fast. We Simply Take Action
Getting people on-board at the right time is instrumental. Our candidate base is extensively huge and our approach to reach them are fortified with decades of experience. As a business, we value time and we deliver accordingly.

Together we build values
As strategic partners, we walk with you in every step to identify challenges and offer ideal solutions in achieving workforce requirements. Businesses and people are value-driven. And we strictly stick to it.


Business staffing needs are evolving, and staffing organizations must be ready to provide support services at an ever increasing level of flexibility.

With business needs becoming more demanding at the moment, those who support businesses must be ready to respond to ad hoc requirements with agility.

Compunnel embraces this challenge. As one of the largest staffing organizations in the industry, our team is continually looking at key industry driven analytics, developing innovative recruiting and networking methodologies and tools, and refining our tried-and-proven traditional approaches to staffing.

We are ready to respond to any level of our clients' requirements, delivering at any magnitude of scale, any time, for any length. Each of our engagement models effectively delivers premium service in the ways our clients expect.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Looking for a temporary workforce for greater flexibility and reduced cost? You need not worry about the compliance requirements and their complex management.

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Statement of Work

SOW - Running a Digital Transformation Project? Need People For a Critical Data Mining Engine? Or Turnkey Engineering Engagement?

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Direct Hire

Our industry-agnostic talent acquisition team has decades of experience in hiring the right talent at the right time...

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Payroll Services

Payroll doesn’t involve just the paychecks. Perhaps, it's a mission critical function that touches every aspect of the business...

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