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On demand workforce through Just in time HIRING METHODOLOGY

Have you got a sudden unexpected staffing requirement that is crucial for your project? We have the right fit for you, may it be a data entry job or a data scientist requirement, we have got your back. Right from sourcing the candidate, we take care of the onboarding process, training and compliance requirements and other paperworks involved.

Apart from streamlining your staffing process, on-demand workforce solutions will help you save cost by finding the right talent for the position just in time, which would have otherwise remained vacant.

Our technology focused tools are accurate and swift in finding the talent from a vast talent pool that is deemed unreachable by traditional recruitment tools. Our proprietary machine-learning based filtering algorithm processes 3000 profiles in an hour to make the process most effective for on-demand workforce.


  • Features of our On-demand workforce solutions
    • Faster analytics tools to find the best fit in less time
    • Profile matching algorithm to find the ideal candidate profile
    • Reduced time-to-hire for just-in-time recruitment
    • Top qualified skills sourced through a multi-tier technology focused recruitment process
  • Benefits of on-demand workforce solutions

    Reduced cost and time - Our technology driven recruitment finds the right talent quickly reducing the cost

    High Quality - Machine learning algorithm to find the ideal candidate for every requirement

    Niche Technical recruiters - We have an online network of 3000+ independent recruiters that are defined by their niche areas of recruitment and capabilities

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