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Looking for a temporary workforce for greater flexibility and reduced cost? Stop worrying about the compliance and the complex workforce structures. We take care of everything from the very beginning in identifying the top notch talent till their off-boarding with no room for inconsistencies and inefficiencies.

Recently, contingent workforce solutions has got the attention of major employers due to its efficient model and ability to mitigate costs. We have been offering the best  in-class Contingent Workforce Solutions, providing a wide range of skill sets to world’s leading businesses.

The cost of hire goes up with time spent. We understand how time is crucial for any business. Our geographical presence across the US and our experts make finding the right talent real quick possible.

Our recruiters have spent on an average 5-6 days to find the right talent opposed to the industry average of 8-9 days.


  • Features of our Contingent Workforce Solutions
    • Top qualified skills sourced through a multi-channel technology focused recruitment process
    • Hires are referred by highly experienced industry experts
    • Candidates filtered through advanced data-analytics algorithms
    • Man + Machine process to find the right fit
    • Fill rate 48% better than the industry average
  • Benefits of our Contingent Workforce Solutions

    Be Dynamic - Change swiftly as per your workforce demands. We offer the most flexible contingent workforce solutions

    Zero risk- We are responsible for the workforce management while you focus on your core business needs

    Reduced cost and time- Our technology driven recruitment finds the right talent quickly while reducing the cost

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