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Running a digital transformation project? Need people for a critical data mining engine? Or turnkey engineering engagement? Need support for a recurring project? Need on-site, off-site and off-shore resources? The talent acquisition landscape has transformed over the years and Compunnel has evolved with it.

Statement of Work is the most daunting piece of the puzzle in contingent workforce programs. Yet, it is one of the fastest growing segments within the allotted spend. We care for the millions you invest in those critical enterprise projects. With SOW Quality Assurance, we focus on the success of your projects and not on hours worked.

The need of the hour is to work with competent and innovative suppliers to transform old, outdated, manual processes into fully automated ones, delivering previously unheard visibility, savings and performance insights. That’s how we roll, and we want you to experience how Statement of Work could bring in change to your bottom Line.


  • Features of our Statement of Work Staffing
    • Candidates filtered through advanced data-analytics algorithms
    • Man + Machine process to find the right fit
    • Use artificial intelligence to filter talented candidates
    • Have experienced subject matter experts to screen the best-fit candidates
  • Benefits of Statement of Work

    Top Quality - An ideal candidate profile is prepared by our machine learning algorithm prepared by subject matter experts and the same is matched against real time candidate profiles to find the best fit

    Niche Technical recruiters - We have an online network of 3000+ independent recruiters that are defined by their niche areas of recruitment and capabilities

    Reduced Time - Finding top technical talent is made faster by our technologically advanced sourcing and filtering algorithms

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