The nature of information technology is exponential. One of the most notable futurists of our time, Ray Kurzweil said that “Once something becomes Information Technology, it becomes subject to the Law of Accelerating Returns and grows exponentially.” The effects of this law are already apparent in how work is done today. In the coming ten years, businesses from every industry will see the trickle down effects of the advances being made in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics and the internet of things.

As the world becomes more and more connected, repetitive tasks disappear from the field of work, analytics drives decisions and artificial intelligence becomes prominent, the actual nature of work itself changes. What businesses look for and expect in employees changes, and skill sets that are relevant now slowly become redundant. The following infographic outlines the emerging technologies that are set to make these changes, their various types, their functions, applications and implications.

This infographic is an extract from our detailed white paper, The Technology Imperative: Building Blocks of Tomorrow’s Workforce. Read the full white paper to learn more.

Sailee Sarangdhar

Sailee Sarangdhar

Sailee Sarangdhar is a creative and data-driven Senior Content Manager with a passion for writing high-impact copy. She is deeply interested in the future of work and how technology can be leveraged to improve current recruitment practices.


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