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The Technology Imperative: Building Blocks of Tomorrow’s Workforce

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Navigating the constantly changing technology scene is a daily challenge for enterprises. As technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Data Science and IoT that lead to overall automation become more and more commonplace in the workplace, the nature of work fundamentally changes. This in turn changes the kinds of skills needed by employers. Workforce demographics is also changing with tech-resistant baby boomers phasing out while tech-savvy millennials phase in. These are all factors that determine who a business is trying to hire, and how to go about finding them.

This whitepaper investigates the following trends in the staffing industry:

  • Technology and the nature of work
  • Changes in Demographics
  • Emergence of the ‘New’ Economy

It also provides useful insights and advice on:

  • How enterprises can update internal practices to enable tech adoption
  • How a digital native staffing supplier can accelerate talent acquisition for enterprises

Learn more about how your enterprise can adopt digital transformation more quickly and ensure high quality hires.

I Want to Build The Workforce of Tomorrow